Emma Davies Art


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It all started when…

I had an operation on my back, and found painting to be a therapeutic process to help relieve pain. A decade later, pain-free, I love the never-ending process of discovering new techniques and subject matter. For me, painting is as much about learning and seeing as doing. I love getting into the zone in which time becomes irrelevant and I am absorbed by the process. This is my first website as I start to exhibit and emerge as a beginning artist.

I currently live in East London, but have lived in many parts of the world. The paintings depict New Zealand, Bali, Istanbul, Sardinia and spaces in my imagination. I mainly use oil on linen or canvas. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and colour pallets, influenced by a wide range of artists from Caravaggio to Doig. I use my photographs and other images to help create the oil paintings. I’ve benefitted from my teacher in New Zealand, Robert Campion, and my teacher in London, Jonathan Waller. Their encouragement has been critical to this next phase of my artistic development.

I hope you enjoy these oil paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you like what you see, want to know more about any of the paintings or if you’d like to exhibit some paintings in your business.

I look forward to hearing from you.